Mountain sunset with reflective pond in foreground

The secret to good sleep? Move to a mountain acreage. I’ve heard about “sleep quality,” but I never understood it until we settled into our rental in Silverton – it’s as though my husband and I are catching up on years of sleep. We’re tired at 8:30 pm and can sleep 10 hours (or more). And, for the first time in a long time, I’m actually dreaming.

It’s just so peaceful out here. I’m not awoken by squealing tires or garbage trucks or an altercation in the nearby parking lot at any, and all hours of the night. Instead of the motion sensor light from the building next to us, or the circular illuminated parking sign that has served as our moon for so long, it’s nearly pitch black, that is, aside from the multitude of stars we are now able to see. 

I didn’t realize what a difference it would make. I am so much more relaxed, calmer. I am captivated by the mosses and mushrooms, the frogs and birds. There is a family of deer that come to visit a few times a week. I’m reminded of all the beauty in the world – all that’s right, instead of all that’s wrong.

And isn’t that increasingly the best lens through which to view the world?