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Beautiful forest outside of a tiny house window
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The Essential Combination of Set and Setting (How to Preserve the Resale Value of your Tiny House on Wheels)

Tiny Houses on Wheels (THoWs) are odd creatures. They seldom move, yet are lumped into the recreational vehicle (RV) category.…
Black cat in the forest

Life Lessons from a Forest Cat

Sadly, Big Calm lost an important member of the community recently. Our beloved Norwegian Forest Cat, Buddy, passed away peacefully on…
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The Pocket Getaway Guestbook

While Airbnb reviews are great, it's the notes that guests at The Pocket Getaway at Big Calm leave that really…
Lush green garden and greenhouse

Raised Garden

The community garden at Big Calm was once a certified organic operation. Untended for a few years, grasses and weeds…
mini excavator on new driveway

Project Update (Year-end 2022)

2022 ended much as it began – with a big dump of snow and a deep freeze. Tough reminders that…
Wide copper coil drain pipe affixed to a wall

Lofty Energy Saving and Eco Design Goals

A building project is a long series of design choices. Some are prescribed and imposed by regulations but many come…
Cozy tiny house interior with small dog on a couch near a window
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10 Tiny Home Interior Ideas to Help Complete Your Space

We were recently invited by US real estate brokerage Redfin to offer our perspective for an article they just published…
Aerial view of a rural field with earthworks

Project Update (Year-end 2021)

2021 wasn't an easy year in which to build a project like Big Calm. Slow bureaucrats, busy contractors, wildfire evacuation…
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The Pocket Getaway at Big Calm

We're thrilled to welcome the first tiny house to Big Calm! Last month, a 25-foot Jaunt tiny house on wheels…