Pad Reservation

Are you ready to escape the city and go tiny with the support of an eco-minded community? We have far more interested tiny homesteaders than we do pads (8 pads, to be exact), so here are the steps to securing your piece of paradise (and some other great perks)!

The Process

Reservations are tentatively open for 2024 and will be filled on a first-come-first-reserved basis.


Tiny Homesteader Questionnaire

Thanks for your interest in living at Big Calm. Please tell us a bit about yourself, your ambitions, and your Tiny House on Wheels (THoW) by filling out this expression of interest form.


Interview and Background Check

Next, we’ll send you a link to book an introductory call with us to discuss your plans and answer any questions. This meeting, and subsequent background and credit checks (conducted at our expense), are required to reserve a pad.


Visit Big Calm in Real Life

Optionally: If you’d like to visit the region and see the property firsthand, you can now book a stay at The Pocket Getaway, a tiny house Airbnb on-site, to check things out in-person.


Reserve Your Spot

Next, we’ll process your non-refundable $5000 reservation fee to officially confirm your spot at Big Calm. (The Equivesto option closed on July 11, 2022. Join the waitlist for potential future share offerings.


Rental Agreement and Move-in

Then, we’ll sign a standard rental agreement. Meanwhile, we’ll work on building out the community, and you’ll be preparing to roll in in 2024. 

Pads & Perks

What's Included

  • Priority pad selection, which gives you the first pick of the available long-term rental pads

  • Exclusive access to Big Calm's online Slack community 

  • Your favourite Big Calm logo, permie, or inspirational t-shirt

  • An 11-bar pack of locally-crafted Viva Cacao chocolate

  • And more to come!


Reservation FAQ

These are some answers to questions specific to reservations. Our main FAQ can be found here.

We require a reservation fee to provide tiny homesteaders that are ready to move to Big Calm in  2024 with the assurance that they have a pad reserved as they prepare to build and/or move their tiny home (and themselves) to the Big Calm community. 

Yes. The reservation fee entitles you to the first pick of the remaining available pads. Tiny homesteaders will be given the opportunity to pick their pad (based on tiny house size) in the order in which their reservation fee was received.

Yes, technically you can do this, however we cannot guarantee your reservation until you are approved as a Big Calm tiny homesteader. We reserve the right to deny approval for any reason.

Note: The equity offering closed on July 11, 2022. Join the waitlist.

Like us, a number of people – tiny home enthusiasts, permies, work-from-anywhere-ers – recognize that Big Calm isn’t only valuable as a community but it’s also a special opportunity for long-term passive income. And we love the idea of involving supporters and neighbours – even if they’re not big accredited investors – in the project’s long-term profit sharing.

For homesteaders, these dividend-generating shares effectively subsidize rent and pay back the reservation fee over time.

That said, if you’re neither eligible or interested in the preferred shares, they are not mandatory.

Note: The equity offering closed on July 11, 2022. Join the waitlist.

Equivesto is a licensed Canadian exempt market dealer specializing in equity crowdfunding. They make it possible for smaller, retail to get shares in innovative private companies. Opening an Equivesto account is like opening a bank account; they will ask for some personal financial details. 

Note: The equity offering closed on July 11, 2022. Join the waitlist.

First, due to securities regulations, you must be a resident in the provinces of British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, or Nova Scotia.

Second, register at Equivesto to ensure you’re personally qualified to invest.

If you’re based elsewhere, or otherwise not eligible or interested in attaining preferred shares in Big Calm Inc., visit this Indiegogo link for non-equity options.

The reservation fee confirms your serious interest in renting and provides funds to accelerate our phased buildout.

Note: The equity offering closed on July 11, 2022. Join the waitlist.

Funds from the Equivesto campaign will go towards accelerating the community buildout – in particular, completion of the earthworks and services to each pad. 

If the Equivesto campaign does not reach the minimum target within 90 days, your investment will be returned, no shares will be issued, and all reservations will be void until alternative financing is arranged. 

Note: The equity offering closed on July 11, 2022. Join the waitlist.

If you’ve gone through all of the steps but, later, can no longer move-in, you’ll forego your pad reservation but will still retain your preferred shares (and the quarterly dividends they entitle you to) and of course the perks that came with it.  

Note: The equity offering closed on July 11, 2022. Join the waitlist.

The Homesteader tier reservation fee is not refundable, except in the event that the Equivesto campaign does not surpass its minimum target. 

The reservation fee is also not a rental deposit. There will be no security deposit.

Note: The equity offering closed on July 11, 2022. Join the waitlist.

Yes. Larger tiers will be available and will likewise cover your reservation fee.