overhead photo of a red SUV driving on a windy country road at dusk

Setting Forth

The day after tomorrow, we will be moving from Calgary to a rental in Silverton (until the Shangri-loft is complete). I find myself thinking about all the things I’ll miss in Calgary.

What I’ll miss most, obviously, is being close to my friends and family. My friends have been a wonderful support throughout the years, and it’s hard to leave them. But, many of them are thinking of moving on to new chapters in their own lives that would scatter some of them across the country. And my in-laws won’t be a mere 1.5 hours away anymore. Fortunately, COVID-19 has prepared us for limited face-to-face time, and has gotten us used to virtual gatherings, which, thankfully, can continue at any distance.

What else will I miss? The convenience of having a variety of goods and services available within walking distance. The luxury of putting in an online order and having it arrive within a day or two. Takeout.

Nothing worth doing comes without a sacrifice, though. So, if being somewhat isolated, surrounded by nature, with the opportunity to join and/or develop a new community and the potential to be self-reliant means living without the conveniences of living in a city, so be it.

Now I’m going to order a pizza.

Photo by Christopher Rusev on Unsplash