interior of ZeroSquared tiny house on wheels with pullout

Update: For a more current list of Canadian Tiny House on Wheels builders, please visit our Salon page.

Tiny living can be pretty luxurious these days, thanks to a growing field of home-builders dedicated to the lifestyle. Not only do many modern models have all the conveniences we expect in full-size homes, they go over and above in terms of energy efficiency, self-sustainability, space-saving, exterior profiles, and interior finishings.

We’ve started this “big directory” of tiny house builders to showcase the range of quality options  currently in western Canada. If you’re interested, reach out to them directly for additional info. (And if you’re a builder missing from this list, or one on this list with newer specs and pics, reach us at hello@www.bigcalm.ca.)


Canadian Tiny Homes

Nelson, BC

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Canadian Tiny Homes offers base models that are ready to live in, or can be upgraded; or, can build a shell, allowing the customer to finish the interior. Shells include a trailer, exterior finishing, roof, windows, initial interior framing, insulating and roughed-in mechanical.

Size range

  • 26 ft. long (new designs upcoming)

Unique offerings

  • Interior design


Hummingbird Micro Homes

Fernie, BC

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Hummingbird Micro Homes custom designs and builds Tiny Homes on wheels.

Size range

  • 14 – 34 ft long

Unique offerings

  • Off-grid system upgrade available


Mint Tiny House Company

Vancouver, BC

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Mint Tiny House Company has completed more than 100 Tiny House RVs and Park model builds.

Size range

  • 22 – 42 ft. long
  • 237 – 392 sq. ft.

Price range

  • CAD $79,550 – $128,695

Unique offerings

  • Gooseneck design (Canada Goose model)
  • Off-grid ready (Extended Napa and Aero models)
  • RVIA, CSA and Intertek certification
  • One-year warranty on structural, electrical, plumbing defects; one-year trailer manufacturer’s warranty, 40-year roof manufacturer’s warranty
  • Online estimate generator


Nelson Tiny Houses

Nelson, BC

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Nelson Tiny Houses offers two feature models that can be fully customized: The Acorn House, with a gable roof; and the V House, with a single pitched roof. Nelson Tiny Homes is a small, family run company that builds only 4 – 5 homes a year with a team including fine woodworkers, metal workers and artisans.

Size range

  • 16 – 46 ft. long

Price range

  • CAD $55,000 – $182,000

Unique offerings

  • CSA certification
  • Five-year structural warranty


Rewild Homes

Vancouver Island

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Rewild Homes builds custom Tiny Homes ranging from off-grid cabins to luxury Tiny Homes.

Size range

  • 16 – 33 ft. long
  • 100 – 250+ sq. ft.

Price range

  • Shells and Tiny Homes from CAD $25,000 – $150,000+
  • Off-grid packages for CAD $10,000 – $20,000
  • Unique offerings
  • CSA certification
  • Gooseneck design (Starling model)


Summit Tiny Homes

Vernon, BC

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Summit Tiny Homes offers pre-designed Tiny Homes, DIY Tiny Home plans and custom builds.

Size range

  • 22 – 28 ft. long (Heritage and Cabana models); 20 – 34 ft. long custom build
  • 215 – 250 sq. ft. (Heritage and Cabana models)

Price range

  • CAD $74,999 – $109,999

Unique offerings

  • Gooseneck designs (custom builds)
  • CSA certification
  • Detailed Tiny House plans available for purchase
  • Online estimate generator


Teacup Tiny Homes

Lethbridge, AB

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Teacup builds Tiny Homes for cold weather climates, offering customizable Tiny Home design starting with one of 13 floor plans.

Size range

  • 22 – 40 ft. long
  • 227 – 498 sq. ft.

Price range

  • CAD $85,000 – $180,000

Unique offerings

  • Gooseneck designs (Serendipity model)
  • Exterior storage area (Shangri La and Innisfree Anarres models)
  • RVIA, CSA and Intertek certification
  • One-year workmanship warranty, manufacturer’s warranty on materials and appliances
  • Online estimate generator


Zero Squared

Calgary, AB

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Zero Squared designs and builds both Tiny Homes on wheels and accessory dwelling units on foundation (backyard suites, laneway houses, garden flats). Zero Squared has developed modular slides that can be added onto any length of trailer to expand square footage.

Size range

  • 26 – 37 ft. long
  • Main floor from 221 – 434 sq. ft.

Price range

  • CAD $63,000 – $131,000

Unique offerings

  • Optional automated elevator loft (Willow model)
  • Integrated modular expanding spaces (all other models)
  • Offers a mortgage product for Tiny Home financing
  • RVIA and CSA certification
  • One-year material defect warranty on plumbing, electrical, roofing, windows and doors; and on trailer material and workmanship