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How to Work Remotely in Canada for a Foreign Employer

Numerous polls indicate that remote work is here to stay, with 68 percent of respondents from a recent survey indicating they want to work from home either most of the time, or every day.

The remote work “trend” is turning into the “new normal”: many employees are demanding more flexibility when it comes to where they work and some are even choosing to leave their current job to find one that is fully remote. While remote work itself knows no borders, being hired to work remotely by a foreign company does involve some complexities.

Recently, we spoke with Marc Pavlopoulos, Founder of Syndesus, who says that using a professional employer organization (PEO) like then removes the complexities of cross-border employee-employer relationships. This company is making it even easier to work remotely!

Serving as the employer of record, PEOs help companies in foreign countries recruit, hire and legally employ remote workers. PEOs manage payroll, currency conversion, employee benefits, human resources and essential taxes on behalf of the foreign employer. They also ensure that cross-border employer-employee arrangements are in compliance with employment and tax laws (bet you didn’t expect to read that in a Big Calm post!). By enabling seamless, legal cross-border employment arrangements, PEOs open up a world of work opportunities for remote workers in Canada, including Big Calm tiny homesteaders!

And that’s where Syndesus’ recruitment services come in. Marc says that, due to growing demand, they will be enhancing their recruitment services to match Canadian workers with foreign employers. So, if you’ve decided to take advantage of the ability to work from anywhere, or #workfromhomestead, the world is your oyster!

Here is our conversation with Marc. Check out the Syndesus website for more information.