illustration of a cartoon peering into a dark doorway

How profoundly the world has changed.

Looking back at Big Calm’s pre-pandemic posts instills mixed emotions. On one hand, the expressed dissatisfaction with what can be termed the “old normal” is overwhelmingly passe. On the other, the pandemic has underscored the false sense of security many of us have had all our lives.

The pandemic has, amongst other things, demonstrated that our supply chains are extremely fragile. First, there was a toilet paper shortage, now it’s PPE and disinfectants. We are fortunate that our food supply chains have not yet been affected, but that doesn’t mean they won’t be, especially considering what’s going on south of the border.

The pandemic also has revealed the extreme complexity of global systems. It’s the butterfly effect on steroids. The “old normal” was riddled with uncertainty, and the pandemic has increased that uncertainty by orders of magnitude. The “new normal” is a misnomer of epic proportions, especially if the pandemic is the metaphorical butterfly.

This uncertainty though, has made me certain about at least one thing: a major life change is in order. Taking responsibility for my future basic needs has never made more sense than it does now.